Surrender, My Birth Story


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

last bumpie after my water broke // 40w 4d

3:28am // Water breaks

Labor at home for 4.5 hours

8am // Arrive at hospital, 3cm dilated

Pump to naturally induce labor for 5 hours

3pm // Epidural + Pitocin, 4.5cm dilated


8pm // 10cm dilated

Push for 2.5 hours

10:30pm // Fever + infection, Selah’s heart rate gets erratic


11pm // Selah arrives via emergency c-section at 8lbs 13oz // 20in.

look at that cone head!

A couple months back, I sent my husband this article about the importance of dads taking candid photos of mom + baby, as a way to genuinely capture moments. This would be his first candid. I hate it. It’s right after my c-section and I’m unconscious (sedated after c-section). The amount of pain + stress I was in at the moment of sedation, is somehow frozen on my…

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