The introduction of a flower who has changed colors

Welcome !

I’m very bad with introductions; the whole concept of “tells us about yourself”somewhat freaks me out. Any who, this is my blog. I named myself The Darksunflower  about 3 years ago solely based off of my hair, not until now do I really understand why I have chosen this persona. Dark; which relates to my hurt, pain , heartache, depression, and loss in life, but also my spiritual journey mix with me being very superstitious and curious about magic. I think every women would see themselves as a flower, all beautiful and different in their own was. I have naturally curly hair, which is just as wild and crazy as my soul; sunflower.

This blog will consist of poetry, daily thoughts, and a peek into my average life. Connect, love and grow with me through this journey of a life a call The Darksunflower.

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